St. Martin's Anglican Church

1460 Hwy #2, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to St. Martin's

St. Martin's is a small friendly church which meets at 10:00AM each Sunday with an average attendance of 30 to 40 persons in a well appointed chapel located in the Courtice, Ontario, "White Cliffe Terrace Retirement Residence". We also have Sunday School for the children, and it is customary to have a refreshment and social time following each service.

To all who need comfort, to all who need friendship, to those who are lonely and in need of companionship, to all who need sheltering love, to those who have sinned and need a saviour, to those who would serve the living God; this church opens wide its doors, and in the name of Jesus, welcome.

We extend our warmest greetings to those who are visiting our web site this day.


Who Am I?


I wish to give the community of Courtice, in Clarington and the surrounding area, insight into my being, and also to invite you to visit and attend our church.

I am the little church that is praying that I will grow. I have been in this area for 23 years and was born by the inspiration of some dedicated Anglicans with a vision, from St. John's Anglican Church in Bowmanville, as an outreach project. Many of the dedicated persons involved in my birth remain as parishioners.

I first settled in Courtice in 1990 in the library of Courtice Secondary School where services were held every Sunday at 10:00A.M. My mission is to all who need comfort, friendship and inspiration. To those who would serve the living God I open my doors with welcome.

I am "St. Martin's Anglican Church!"

I am a well known church in the community through dedicated service for the World Day of Prayer, the Ecumenical Meetings and the annual Ecumenical Dinner, and support of local charities. St Martin's has always had inspiration from phenomenal ministers who preach to teach and guide through God's word to all who attend the services. Many years ago our Sunday School educated as many as 25-30 youngsters who have now grown and some have families of their own. At that time, twenty three years ago, there was a fellowship of about fifty families.

The past twelve years, through a vision of a parish member, wardens and minister, my home has been a chapel at "White Cliffe Terrace". This is a beautiful retirement residence with my church located in the lower level. The chapel is beautifully adorned with an oak font, hymnal racks, altar, linens, lectern and seventy comfortable chairs. Our organ is played weekly by our dedicated organist. I am thankful for warm, friendly, caring parishioners, encouraging wardens and most of all, for the inspirational and meaningful services by our Minister, The Very Rev. Ted Clarke. A large banner on the fence facing Highway #2 announces my presence.

All the festival seasons are celebrated as well as funerals, weddings, baptisms and confirmations. I, St Martin's, look forward to re-building my Sunday School for all interested persons. I offer regular Sunday Service at 10:00A.M. each Sunday for Holy Communion or Morning Prayer Services. The church service is followed each week by a "Coffee Hour" offering friendship and fellowship to all. My church is blessed with a dedicated group of ladies who form the choir for occasions throughout the year. A very active ladies group, the "Martinettes" meets regularly the second Wednesday of each month at 7:15PM. Anyone wishing to join is welcome.

I, "St. Martin's Anglican Church", would like you to join us on Sundays at 10:00A.M. and through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the faithfulness of my parishioners, we will continue to be a more visible and more valuable entity in the Courtice Community with an "Attitude of Gratitude".

For more information or comments please call Carolyn Atkinson, Licensed Lay Reader - 905-579-1532.


St. Martin's Anglican Church, Courtice, ON